Tool Making

We offer complete in-house tool making used to make metal commodities.  Our tools include metal forming rolls, lathe bits, milling cutters and form tools.  We also provide precision fixture of machine tools used to manufacture, hold or test products during fabrication.

Due to the unique nature of our industry, it is necessary to fabricate custom tools or modify standard tools according to each client’s specifications.  We are able to fabricate tools to a client’s drawings or samples and reverse the design from any existing components.  Precision is key in tool making.  Our punches and tools maintain the proper clearance to produce parts accurately.  Tools are machined with a tolerance of less than 0.025mm.

We are also able to modify existing tools for recycling/upcycling of old tools or alter designs to improve the current tool.

We also offer the refurbishment/repair/replacement of tools which have been damaged or worn out.

We offer our clients:

  • Single Stage Press Tools
  • Progressive Press Tools
  • Blanking & Punching Dies
  • Bending Dies
  • Deep Drawing Dies

Die Making

A sub-catergory of tool making which focuses on producing and maintaining dies.  This includes the production of punches, dies, steel rule dies and die sets.

Metal Pressing

We use machine presses to cover a broad-spectrum of sheet metal forming production processes including; flanging, punching, blanking and bending.  Depending on the desired form on the sheet metal part, a project may consist of a single-stage operation or a multiple-stage operation.  We customise metal forming production according to the client’s requirements.

Our precision presswork includes:

  • Automated coil fed production
  • Single stage pick and place presswork
  • Deep drawing
  • Welded fabrication of pressed parts

Our service includes the design, manufacture and maintenance of all tooling as well as component production.


Tel: +27 11 613 4426

40 Meson Road, Electron, Johannesburg, South Africa

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